Searching for my grand-father

Do you speak English? Are you searching for your Ancestors in Italy? Post here your request. We’ll do our best to help you.

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Searching for my grand-father

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Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I don't speak Italian at all and I've never done any genealogical research. I'm french. In short I am lost. :(

My mother was born at the end of 1940 and has only seen her father once when she was very small. She knows nothing about him except that her french mother, my grand-mother, met him in Tunis or Morocco, that he left for the Second World War and that he only saw his daughter once in Nîmes (France) when she was 3 or 4 years old (she only remembers a kind man who cried and called her "ma chérie").
All I know is that my grandmother called her Jean (Giovanni I suppose) Patti, that his mother's name was Anna (from Naples) and that her family had a farm near Catania (Sicily). I have a photo of Anna, my great-grandmother and my mother knows nothing more. I assume he is deceased, as he must have been in his 40s and 50s when my grandmother met him. I'm just looking for his picture and maybe some other piece of information, so my mom can see what her dad looked like. She is old now and it is her dearest wish. We don't want to bother the family left, just get a picture maybe.

Giovanni Patti from Catania (Sicilia), son of Anna Patti (from Naples). So I think he must have been born between 1890 and 1905 in Catania (Napoli maybe?).

Thanks to you!
I put the message on the forum in English in case he immigrated to the USA, but my mother doesn't believe it because he was attached to Sicily. But maybe he was part of your family or family acquaintances or friends.

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Re: Searching for my grand-father

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