Peter Paul Louis Venn (Pietro Paolo Luigi Venn?)

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Peter Paul Louis Venn (Pietro Paolo Luigi Venn?)

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I was hoping that someone might help me find my great-great grandfather, Peter Paul Louis Venn (PPLV), born between 1824 and 1832, in Italy. I think PPLV immigrated to England in the 1850s, perhaps first to the Isle of Wight in Hampshire, as I have found him there in the 1861 census working as a millwright in a town called Newport. By 1863, he is stil a millwright and now living in Andover, Hampshire, where, on August 8, 1863, he marries my great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Dyer. His father was supposedly a man named Joseph Venn, a farmer. I have not found PPLV or his father Joseph (Giuseppe?)Venn in the 1841 or 1851 censuses of the UK. This is why I think he came to England after 1851.

My uncle, John Venn, who has DNA tested, has found that he matches a number of people with Italian ancestry and some with just Italian ancestry. Many of these people who match genetically my uncle seem to come from the Emilia-Remagna region. I tend to think that from the DNA testing that PPLV likely came from Northern Italy.

There is a family rumour that PPLV changed the spelling of his surname from Venne or Venné to Venn shortly after arriving in the UK, but it is just a rumour. I have no proof of this.

I have been researching him for many years, but with no luck. I would be so so grateful for any help or tips.

Thank you so very very much!

Erik Aasland


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